2015 Annual professional review


One year has passed since my decision on December, 2014 to focus a bit more in my academic career.

In the beginning I had to review my schedule and make a difficult choice: exchanging arts for science –  the piano, keyboard and singing classes were cancelled to make room for research meetings in the Lab.

Now I look back and feel that it was a decision definitely worth making. I have much more academic achievements  this year than in the past five years. Moreover, there is art in science! As said in the quote by Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton featured in a chapter opening in my PhD Thesis:

“Art and science have their meeting point in method.”

For the upcoming year the goal is to keep the pace and deliver more.

This is what I wish for me, for my friends and coworkers and for the ones who helped me carry out these achievements bellow!


Research,Work,Publication,Lectures and presentations,Language skill improvement,Tuition and advisory


Proud to make a difference

Jodelson Sabino was mentioned  three times in Vale´s Recognition Program


I have been presented two certificates of appreciation for the outstanding job done in the follow initiatives:

  • GPV Architecture and Infrastructure Discussion Group
  • Railroad Dimensioning Solution

Besides, I have been also chosen by my colleagues as one of the employees that make a difference for the following value:

  • Improve together

I am proud to “create a movement” as it says in the certificate, signed by Vale CIO.

It is an honor to be inspiring and influencing other people in the company and to be recognized  in the 3rd IT Recognition Program event!