Upward in the volunteer career

Cover - First UEB-ES meeting 2016

Last weekend I attended the 1st 2016 Espírito Santo Regional Office meeting for the Brazilian Scouts Union, where I had the honor of being nominated webmaster for the Regional Scouts Site.

The same volunteer service that I have been delivering for 5 years to the Sea Scout Group Ilha de Vitória, now is extended to a statewide.

I consider such nomination an important milestone in my volunteer career and, because of that, I wrote this post to celebrate the event.

I would like to express my gratitude to Estêvão Salles, not only for the invitation to take up the webmaster post but also for taking these pictures that I share here.

By signing the Volunteer Service Agreement and taking the Scout Oath, I started a statewide compromise involving

  • Duty to God and country,
  • Duty to other people, and
  • Duty to myself

Now I am waiting for the new website templates to be delivered by UEB (Brazilian Scouts Union) to start the project to build a brand new site for the State Scouts Organization.

Check the portuguese version of this post at the Sea Scout Group Ilha de Vitória site.

Check also the slide show below, with some pictures of the meeting and the nomination ceremony.

  • Reading Certificate
    Jodelson Sabino reads his webmaster certificate just after nomination
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