Upgrade to French 6

Nouveau ROND-POINT 2


The 2015/2 semester final scores were announced last week and I was happy to know that I have finished French 5 course with grade A.
Right after being aware about that, I promptly did my subscription to French 6 for 2016/1.

I am thankful to my 2015/2 classmates and specially to Prof. Hudson Goltara, who delivered most of the classes in that semester.

From French 4 to French 5 we moved to a new students book, better suited to the needs of learners, more pleasant and easier to read due to its appealing graphic design, but the most important contribution came from the classmates and the teacher who built a pleasant atmosphere to the class activities, from small state ads in unit 1 to the chinese portrait game in unit 5.

unfortunately, due to adjustments in my schedule, I had to change my class timetable … and be apart from my dear 2015 classmates to whom I let here my farewell message, of course, in french:

icon-quote-left vous me manquerez … J´espère vous manquer aussi icon-quote-right

By the other side, here is my greeting message to the Français Six Class Group 5 classmates:

icon-quote-left il me tarde de vous rencontrer icon-quote-right

and to all the ones who read this post, to celebrate the jump to the new stage I let the closing message:

icon-quote-left allons-y au prochain niveau!icon-quote-right
(let´s go to the next level!)

Language skill improvement
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  1. Sabrina
    700 days ago

    Tu vas nous manquer Jodelson.

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