2015 Annual professional review


One year has passed since my decision on December, 2014 to focus a bit more in my academic career.

In the beginning I had to review my schedule and make a difficult choice: exchanging arts for science –  the piano, keyboard and singing classes were cancelled to make room for research meetings in the Lab.

Now I look back and feel that it was a decision definitely worth making. I have much more academic achievements  this year than in the past five years. Moreover, there is art in science! As said in the quote by Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton featured in a chapter opening in my PhD Thesis:

“Art and science have their meeting point in method.”

For the upcoming year the goal is to keep the pace and deliver more.

This is what I wish for me, for my friends and coworkers and for the ones who helped me carry out these achievements bellow!


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III CMAC-SE Computational and Applied Mathematics Conference


This month I attended to the CMAC-SE 2015 Academic Conference as a special guest to take part in a round table discussion titled “University and Industry: an important development partnership”.

The CMAC-SE is a regional event focused in the Southeast region of Brazil, promoted by SBMAC, the Brazilian Society of Applied and Computational Mathematics. The main topics covered in this conference are Mathematical Modeling and Computational Methods, which are, in essence, the basis of my research area.

I was the only one to represent the industry in this discussion among three admirable researchers: Dr. Romes Antonio Borges (from UFG), Dr. Yuan Jin Yun (from UFPR) and Dr. Antônio Castelo Filho (from USP).

Roundtables has been always a great way to bring together people of differing opinions, experiences and viewpoints to discuss relevant issues. The university-industry partnership is an important  social development mechanism and that was the inspiration for this session.

Dr. Isaac P. Santos opened the discussion with the following question:

Talk about interesting experiences of yours, involving partnership between University and Industry, highlighting success stories, cases of failure, attention points and lessons learned or taught from these experiences. Try to consider several points of view in your answer: Researchers, Industry Professionals, Teachers and Students.

and there we´ve gone …!

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Round table discussion at CEUNES-UFES

Jodelson in the Round table discussion

I was proud to be invited to take part in the round table discussion “Mathematics in academy and in industrial sector” at Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo, CEUNES Campus,  São Mateus, ES, Brazil as part of the Vale Portas Abertas corporate program.

Driven by the questions addressed by the discussion moderator Dr. André Amaral, , I have the chance to enjoy the noteworthy performance of  MSc Eduardo Medeiros Milanez, Managing Director at UNISOMA and Dr. Anilton Salles Garcia, CEO at FAPES – Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Espírito Santo, who shared their ideas with me about how to produce optimization software for the industry, including the difficulties involved and the next challenges.

The audience was composed of CEUNES-UFES students and professors.

Lectures and presentations