Proud to make a difference

Jodelson Sabino was mentioned  three times in Vale´s Recognition Program


I have been presented two certificates of appreciation for the outstanding job done in the follow initiatives:

  • GPV Architecture and Infrastructure Discussion Group
  • Railroad Dimensioning Solution

Besides, I have been also chosen by my colleagues as one of the employees that make a difference for the following value:

  • Improve together

I am proud to “create a movement” as it says in the certificate, signed by Vale CIO.

It is an honor to be inspiring and influencing other people in the company and to be recognized  in the 3rd IT Recognition Program event!




Participation in M.SC. examination committee

2015 defesa mestrado Edson Pereira


It was a honor to have been invited by UFES University Civil Engineer Graduation Program to be a member of the M.Sc. Degree Examination Committee  for the thesis “Modelo matemático para planejamento de circulação de trens em uma linha singela” (free translation: Mathematical model for train circulation in a single line scenario) delivered by the student Edson Pimentel Pereira.

After the preliminary (qualification) examination session which happened on April, 2015, we had the last round in June, 2015 when Mr. Pereira has been awarded with the Master Degree.

I would like to register my gratitude to Prof. Rodrigo de Alvarenga Rosa for the invitation to take part in the examination committee of this M.Sc. project and I give my congratulations to Mr. Pereira for his achievement.

Taking part in this examination committee was one of the most important milestones in my academic career during the first semester of 2015.

Tuition and research supervision


Joined a Research Group

GEMMAH research group

Joined GEMMAH (Grupo de Estudo de Modelagem Matemática e Heurísticas), a research group to propose and apply mathematical models and heuristics to operational research and simulation to transportation systems.

This reserach group is formally registered at the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq), Ministry of Science Agency, Technology and Innovation (MCTI),  a government council whose main duties are to foster scientific and technological research and encourage the formation of Brazilian researchers.

Reasearch group location: Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo – UFES



Round table discussion at CEUNES-UFES

Jodelson in the Round table discussion

I was proud to be invited to take part in the round table discussion “Mathematics in academy and in industrial sector” at Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo, CEUNES Campus,  São Mateus, ES, Brazil as part of the Vale Portas Abertas corporate program.

Driven by the questions addressed by the discussion moderator Dr. André Amaral, , I have the chance to enjoy the noteworthy performance of  MSc Eduardo Medeiros Milanez, Managing Director at UNISOMA and Dr. Anilton Salles Garcia, CEO at FAPES – Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Espírito Santo, who shared their ideas with me about how to produce optimization software for the industry, including the difficulties involved and the next challenges.

The audience was composed of CEUNES-UFES students and professors.

Lectures and presentations


Jodelson Sabino´s New web site launched!

New Web Page Design


The previous layout, which was about to be 10 years old, was retired and a brand new web site has been launched on August, 23th, 2014.The content has been also reviewed and after a couple of weeks of research and tests the result was a totally different presence on the web.

To be responsive, modern and straightforward. These were the main goals when designing the new website.

Image Source: http://www.taylorswebsites.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Creative-Website-Design.jpg