Upward again in the volunteer career

New board of director

Jacqueline, me, Eliana and João Gabriel. The new board of directors of

On October, 22nd, 2016 I was unanimously elected President of the Sea Scout Group Ilha de Vitória.

This is a new, and challenging milestone in my volunteer career. Assuming such a leadership position gives me the very important mission to run, together with the other three member of the board of directors, a local unit of the World Organization of Scout Movement.

The Scout Movement is present nowadays in 224 countries and territories around the world, with over 40 million members in some one million local community Scout Groups, WOSM is one of the largest youth movements in the world.

Some seven million members in WOSM are adult volunteers who support local activities. Through peer-to-peer leadership, supported by adults, each local Scout Group embraces the same set of values illustrated in the Scout Promise and Law. Each of the one million local Scout Groups follows a similar system of non-formal education suited to the unique aspects of their local community.



Upward in the volunteer career

Cover - First UEB-ES meeting 2016

Last weekend I attended the 1st 2016 Espírito Santo Regional Office meeting for the Brazilian Scouts Union, where I had the honor of being nominated webmaster for the Regional Scouts Site.

The same volunteer service that I have been delivering for 5 years to the Sea Scout Group Ilha de Vitória, now is extended to a statewide.

I consider such nomination an important milestone in my volunteer career and, because of that, I wrote this post to celebrate the event.

I would like to express my gratitude to Estêvão Salles, not only for the invitation to take up the webmaster post but also for taking these pictures that I share here.

By signing the Volunteer Service Agreement and taking the Scout Oath, I started a statewide compromise involving

  • Duty to God and country,
  • Duty to other people, and
  • Duty to myself

Now I am waiting for the new website templates to be delivered by UEB (Brazilian Scouts Union) to start the project to build a brand new site for the State Scouts Organization.

Check the portuguese version of this post at the Sea Scout Group Ilha de Vitória site.

Check also the slide show below, with some pictures of the meeting and the nomination ceremony.

  • Reading Certificate
    Jodelson Sabino reads his webmaster certificate just after nomination


Upgrade to French 6

Nouveau ROND-POINT 2


The 2015/2 semester final scores were announced last week and I was happy to know that I have finished French 5 course with grade A.
Right after being aware about that, I promptly did my subscription to French 6 for 2016/1.

I am thankful to my 2015/2 classmates and specially to Prof. Hudson Goltara, who delivered most of the classes in that semester.

From French 4 to French 5 we moved to a new students book, better suited to the needs of learners, more pleasant and easier to read due to its appealing graphic design, but the most important contribution came from the classmates and the teacher who built a pleasant atmosphere to the class activities, from small state ads in unit 1 to the chinese portrait game in unit 5.

unfortunately, due to adjustments in my schedule, I had to change my class timetable … and be apart from my dear 2015 classmates to whom I let here my farewell message, of course, in french:

icon-quote-left vous me manquerez … J´espère vous manquer aussi icon-quote-right

By the other side, here is my greeting message to the Français Six Class Group 5 classmates:

icon-quote-left il me tarde de vous rencontrer icon-quote-right

and to all the ones who read this post, to celebrate the jump to the new stage I let the closing message:

icon-quote-left allons-y au prochain niveau!icon-quote-right
(let´s go to the next level!)

Language skill improvement


2015 Annual professional review


One year has passed since my decision on December, 2014 to focus a bit more in my academic career.

In the beginning I had to review my schedule and make a difficult choice: exchanging arts for science –  the piano, keyboard and singing classes were cancelled to make room for research meetings in the Lab.

Now I look back and feel that it was a decision definitely worth making. I have much more academic achievements  this year than in the past five years. Moreover, there is art in science! As said in the quote by Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton featured in a chapter opening in my PhD Thesis:

“Art and science have their meeting point in method.”

For the upcoming year the goal is to keep the pace and deliver more.

This is what I wish for me, for my friends and coworkers and for the ones who helped me carry out these achievements bellow!


Research,Work,Publication,Lectures and presentations,Language skill improvement,Tuition and advisory


2015 peer reviews



As we are approaching the end of the year, I would like to announce that in 2015 I have peer-reviewed manuscripts for the following scientific publications:

  1. British Journal of mathematics and Computer Science
  2. Anais do XXII Simpósio de Engenharia de Produção
    • Proudly invited by Dr. Regiane Máximo de Souza, XXII SIMPEP, General coordinator.

Completing the reviews in time and trying to produce academically important review comments is a tough task, specially because I had to cope with this, among all the other scientific, professional and personal duties at the same time, but indeed it is grateful to help the academic community to delivery good quality papers to the world and, besides that, when I am in the paper publication workflow I learn a lot and I keep myself up to date with the state of the art in my research area.

Tuition and advisory


The ANPET 2015 scientific production award

Certificado Prêmio ANPET 2015

The fact

I am very happy to announce that on last Wednesday, November 11, I went to Ouro Preto, Brazil to get the ANPET 2015 Scientific production award. I won this prize, together with three other fellows from GEMMAH, for the first paper produced in our current scientific research.

The paper

The paper title is A MATHEMATICAL MODEL BASED ON OPEN VEHICLE ROUTING PROBLEM (OVRP) TO THE EMPLOYEES TRANSPORTATION PLANNING BY A CHARTERED BUS FLEET [translated from Portuguese]. It presents a solution to optimize the bus routes and fleets contracted to take employees from their homes to work and vice versa. We won the award because our paper has been selected as one of the best ones on “models and transportation planning techniques” submitted to the XXIX ANPET Congress.

The story

Rayane Scardua

Rayane Scárdua

To celebrate this achievement I will tell the story in 6 short steps:

  1. The story started from a draft I have conceived to model the related transportation problem, inspired in the real life scenario;
  2. In an advisory session, I suggested this theme to my former supervised internship Rayane Scárdua as her end-of-graduation-course paper;
  3. In order to give the proper academic bias to the research I have suggested Dr. Rodrigo Rosa as her formal supervisor in this work, as he was a teacher in the same department and University where Rayane used to take her graduation course. Rodrigo promptly joined us in this challenge and, to our complete surprise, we found out that his Master Thesis, presented more than a decade before, had exactly the same theme!
  4. Working on Rodrigo´s supervision and on my co-supervision, Rayane worked hard and developed a formal model to the problem and solved it for a set of instances using CPLEX® Optimization Software Package;
  5. The next step was to show that the proposed method could produce significant savings, if applied to produce bus routes and fleet sizing in a real live problem. That was accomplished collecting real life data and comparing with the solution obtained in the lab. With quite outstanding results, Rayane presented her top scoring paper to finish her graduation course;
  6. The last step was to review Rayane´s paper and test cases and submit it to ANPET 2015 Conference. We counted on Lirielly to help us in this last phase.

Some weeks later … there came the paper approval for the Conference and then the award nomination! Unfortunately Rayane could not attend to the event but the other three members of the team were there, together once more, at that time to get the certificates.

I could not end up this post without expressing my gratitude to Rayane Scárdua, Rodrigo Rosa and Lirielly Vitorugo for giving me the chance of working together with them to produce this awarded paper. Their wise questions and their hard work surely were decisive contributions to this achievement and to my knowledge improvement.

But the work does not stop here! On the contrary, it was merely the first paper produced on this subject and it reports just the first outcome. We are now working on a more robust solution, which produces faster results to larger instances, so we will be able to solve the whole set of real live instances…! As Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger catchphrase says …

“To infinity… and beyond!”

From left to right: Rodrigo, Lirielly and I



III CMAC-SE Computational and Applied Mathematics Conference


This month I attended to the CMAC-SE 2015 Academic Conference as a special guest to take part in a round table discussion titled “University and Industry: an important development partnership”.

The CMAC-SE is a regional event focused in the Southeast region of Brazil, promoted by SBMAC, the Brazilian Society of Applied and Computational Mathematics. The main topics covered in this conference are Mathematical Modeling and Computational Methods, which are, in essence, the basis of my research area.

I was the only one to represent the industry in this discussion among three admirable researchers: Dr. Romes Antonio Borges (from UFG), Dr. Yuan Jin Yun (from UFPR) and Dr. Antônio Castelo Filho (from USP).

Roundtables has been always a great way to bring together people of differing opinions, experiences and viewpoints to discuss relevant issues. The university-industry partnership is an important  social development mechanism and that was the inspiration for this session.

Dr. Isaac P. Santos opened the discussion with the following question:

Talk about interesting experiences of yours, involving partnership between University and Industry, highlighting success stories, cases of failure, attention points and lessons learned or taught from these experiences. Try to consider several points of view in your answer: Researchers, Industry Professionals, Teachers and Students.

and there we´ve gone …!

Lectures and presentations


Meeting my dear friends in a raw

With THE GIRLS in September 2015

This month I was flattered with the invitation to take part in a round table discussion at the CMAC-SE 2015 Congress, but this will be the subject of an upcoming post of this blog.

For the moment, I want to talk about a dream of mine who came true like a quadruplet.

After a long distance (in time and space, but not in the feelings) from my beloved friends and undergraduate classmates Andrea, Sandra, Cristina and Lucia, yesterday, I met all of them in a raw. Meeting one of them alone would be the reason for intense feelings … imagine what I felt when meeting them all!

Life sometimes surprise us with bold strokes. The picture above is remarkable memory that will be kept forever both in my personal computer picture library and in the deep of my heart.

After that picture, CMAC-SE 2015 kept going on for some more days and I enjoyed intensively each one of the other chances to meet and to talk to them, even that, most of the times, it did not come again quadrupled.

social affairs


M.Sc. jury member twice this year

Fabiano Nascimento MSc defense

icon-comments-o In a railroads, there is plenty of opportunity to optimize assets usage, and one of the main difficulties involved in this task lies in the locomotives distribution planning (…)

This in an excerpt from Mr. Fabiano Cézar Gomes Nascimento M.Sc. Thesis Abstract. The thesis was defended yesterday morning, when Mr. Nascimento delivered his one hour presentation, got the feedbacks and advises to perform minor revisions in his written work, answered some questions posed by the jury and eventually got the result he had chased for years: .

The thesis title was “Modelo matemático para planejamento da distribuição de locomotivas em pátios ferroviários para atendimento à demanda de formação de trens” (free translation: Mathematical model for locomotives distribution among railroad yards to meet train formation demands)

Once again I would like to register my gratitude to Prof. Rodrigo de Alvarenga Rosa for the invitation to take part in the examination board and I give my congratulations to Mr. Nascimento for his achievement.

It was an honour to take part in this session, specially because railroad planning is my preferred research topic.

Tuition and research supervision


Ahead to French 5!

2015 French Course - passed to 5th degree


This post should have been be written in french …!

After being hesitant in continue taking my french course for years, I have reviewed my schedule and, with the help of my family, I succeeded in making room for my French language classes.

Now I am happy to had taken the French 4 course in this first semester of 2015 with final grade A. The French 4 Students group has played an important role in this achievement, making me feel warmly welcomed, so that I have enjoyed a lot the Saturday morning classes at UFES Language Center.

I am specially thankful to Mr. Marcos Roberto Machado, the best language teacher I have ever had! By the way, the ones who love the French language should take a look at his blog.

C’est parti French 5  …!

Language skill improvement