Ahead to French 5!

2015 French Course - passed to 5th degree


This post should have been be written in french …!

After being hesitant in continue taking my french course for years, I have reviewed my schedule and, with the help of my family, I succeeded in making room for my French language classes.

Now I am happy to had taken the French 4 course in this first semester of 2015 with final grade A. The French 4 Students group has played an important role in this achievement, making me feel warmly welcomed, so that I have enjoyed a lot the Saturday morning classes at UFES Language Center.

I am specially thankful to Mr. Marcos Roberto Machado, the best language teacher I have ever had! By the way, the ones who love the French language should take a look at his blog.

C’est parti French 5  …!

Language skill improvement
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