III CMAC-SE Computational and Applied Mathematics Conference


This month I attended to the CMAC-SE 2015 Academic Conference as a special guest to take part in a round table discussion titled “University and Industry: an important development partnership”.

The CMAC-SE is a regional event focused in the Southeast region of Brazil, promoted by SBMAC, the Brazilian Society of Applied and Computational Mathematics. The main topics covered in this conference are Mathematical Modeling and Computational Methods, which are, in essence, the basis of my research area.

I was the only one to represent the industry in this discussion among three admirable researchers: Dr. Romes Antonio Borges (from UFG), Dr. Yuan Jin Yun (from UFPR) and Dr. Antônio Castelo Filho (from USP).

Roundtables has been always a great way to bring together people of differing opinions, experiences and viewpoints to discuss relevant issues. The university-industry partnership is an important  social development mechanism and that was the inspiration for this session.

Dr. Isaac P. Santos opened the discussion with the following question:

Talk about interesting experiences of yours, involving partnership between University and Industry, highlighting success stories, cases of failure, attention points and lessons learned or taught from these experiences. Try to consider several points of view in your answer: Researchers, Industry Professionals, Teachers and Students.

and there we´ve gone …!

Lectures and presentations


Meeting my dear friends in a raw

With THE GIRLS in September 2015

This month I was flattered with the invitation to take part in a round table discussion at the CMAC-SE 2015 Congress, but this will be the subject of an upcoming post of this blog.

For the moment, I want to talk about a dream of mine who came true like a quadruplet.

After a long distance (in time and space, but not in the feelings) from my beloved friends and undergraduate classmates Andrea, Sandra, Cristina and Lucia, yesterday, I met all of them in a raw. Meeting one of them alone would be the reason for intense feelings … imagine what I felt when meeting them all!

Life sometimes surprise us with bold strokes. The picture above is remarkable memory that will be kept forever both in my personal computer picture library and in the deep of my heart.

After that picture, CMAC-SE 2015 kept going on for some more days and I enjoyed intensively each one of the other chances to meet and to talk to them, even that, most of the times, it did not come again quadrupled.

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