Ahead to French 5!

2015 French Course - passed to 5th degree


This post should have been be written in french …!

After being hesitant in continue taking my french course for years, I have reviewed my schedule and, with the help of my family, I succeeded in making room for my French language classes.

Now I am happy to had taken the French 4 course in this first semester of 2015 with final grade A. The French 4 Students group has played an important role in this achievement, making me feel warmly welcomed, so that I have enjoyed a lot the Saturday morning classes at UFES Language Center.

I am specially thankful to Mr. Marcos Roberto Machado, the best language teacher I have ever had! By the way, the ones who love the French language should take a look at his blog.

C’est parti French 5  …!

Language skill improvement


Proud to make a difference

Jodelson Sabino was mentioned  three times in Vale´s Recognition Program


I have been presented two certificates of appreciation for the outstanding job done in the follow initiatives:

  • GPV Architecture and Infrastructure Discussion Group
  • Railroad Dimensioning Solution

Besides, I have been also chosen by my colleagues as one of the employees that make a difference for the following value:

  • Improve together

I am proud to “create a movement” as it says in the certificate, signed by Vale CIO.

It is an honor to be inspiring and influencing other people in the company and to be recognized  in the 3rd IT Recognition Program event!