Sabino Jodelson

Jodelson Sabino

Experienced IT Project Manager and Advanced Researcher in Applied Optimization

Name:Jodelson Sabino
Date of birth:20/08
Address:Av. Dante Michelini, 5500,Vitória,ES,Brasil
IT infrastructure and information systems Project Manager and Researcher in Artificial Intelligence area to solve hard combinatorial optimization problems that emerges in real world industrial operations and planning.


2003 - 2008


Doctor of Science in Industrial Engineering

Title obtained from PUC-Rio University located at Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Brazil, with the thesis titled “ANT COLONY OPTIMIZATION APPLIED TO SWITCH ENGINE OPERATIONS PROGRAMMING (translated)” under the supervision of Prof. José Eugênio Leal from PUC-Rio University and co-supervision of Dr. Thomas Stützle from IRIDIA (Institut de Recherches Interdisciplinaires et de Développements en Intelligence Artificielle), located at Brussels, Belgium, with whom I worked from  October/2005 to October/2006 to develop a custom made ACO based algorithm to tackle the  target problem.


1999 - 2004


Master of Science in Informatics

Title obtained from Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo, located at Vitória (ES), Brazil, with dissertation titled “ANT COLONY COMPETITION APPLIED TO SWITCH ENGINE ASSIGNMENT IN RAILROAD YARDS (translated)” under the supervision of Dra. Lucia Catabriga.

The dissertation proposes a meta-heuristic method based on a multiple ant colony optimization system to solve the problem of switch engines assignment in a railroad yard. According to the proposed modeling, the problem presented here is similar to the one known in the literature as a Full Truckload Pickup and Delivery Problem with Time Windows and Capacity Constraints (PDPTWC) and our objective is to fulfill a set of transportation requests with minimal cost, which is described as a multi-objective function. The specific characteristics of this problem are presented and a solution method based in the COMPETants algorithm is developed for the switch engine designation. The model validation and the estimated cost reduction with the implementation of the algorithm proposed is done based on a real life case study.

Honour and Awards

Jul 2014 - Jul 2015

2015 RecognITion program

Recognized in the 3rd IT Recognition Program event by receiving two certificates of appreciation for the outstanding job done in the follow initiatives:

  • GPV Architecture and Infrastructure Discussion Group
  • Railroad Dimensioning Solution

and also chosen by colleagues as one of the employees that make a difference for the following value:

  • Improve together
Nov 2015 - Nov 2015

ANPET 2015 scientific production award

I won this prize, together with three other fellows from GEMMAH, because our paper was selected as one of the best ones on “models and transportation planning techniques” submitted to the XXIX ANPET Congress.

Please check details on this award-winning at this post in my personal blog.

2002 - 2002

Student paper Award

Second Place

Awarded in the first annual Student Research Paper Contest on analytics and fact-based decision making in railway application sponsored by Railway Application Session, a subdivision of INFORMS (Institute for Operations rsearch and Management Sciences) for his paper

Ant Colony Optimization Applied to Railroad Yard Planning


Dec 2016 - present


Advanced Analytics Project Manager

Optimization Expert, focused in prescriptive analytics matters.

Main products delivered:

  • People transportation project requisites analysis
2006 - Nov 2016


IT Project Manager

IT Expert in logistics, focused in railroad transportation management information systems and IT Infrastructure and Architecture.

Main products delivered:

  • Architecture and Infrastructure implementation project for the revamped Railroad Transportation Operations and Planning System
  • Railroad Transportation Planning System Assessment Report
  • Railroad Transportation Operations and Planning System roll out in Mozambique
  • B2B interfaces with logistics clients
  • Railroad Yard Operations Planning idea brief and feasibility analysis
Oct 2005 - Oct 2006

RDI (Rio Doce International)

IT representative in the local offices of Brussels, Belgium and Saint Prex, Switzerland in charge of:
1- business demands capture and IT road map design in cooperation with both business area and corporate IT office in Brazil.
2- project management and IT contract management at Company International Office in St. Prex, Switzerland.

Main deliverables:
– IT Project Management to support Office move from Belgium to Switzerland
– End User Computing Support Office setup of the new company site in Switzerland
– IT contracs management and technical support in IT procurements

Jan 2002 - Sep 2005


IT Infra-structure Team Leader

IT Infrastructure representative at ERP implementation team. Project scope was Oracle E-Business Suite ERP implementation in Vale (named CVRD at that time) and its 30 controlled and affiliated companies.

The IT infrastructure team role was to deploy the required hardware from network to end user computing, including servers and their respective software.

Jan 1987 - Dec 2001


Infrastructure Project and services Analist

From junior to senior positions, initially related to Mainframes and then to Unix Server Clusters in charge of a broad range of activities including but not limited to corporate servers planning, deployment, monitoring, performance analysis, configuring and upgrading in a variety of roles from team member to team leader.


Oct 2016 - present

011/ES Grupo Escoteiro do Mar Ilha de Vitória

Scout Group President

Unanimously elected President of the Sea Scout Group Ilha de Vitória.

Scouting is a worldwide organization that exists to actively engage and support young people in their personal development, empowering them to make a positive contribution to society.

The basic unit of organisation is the Scout Group. This is constituted as a non-profit organization  based in a local community where a number of adult leaders give their time voluntarily to help the development of young people. The Group is led by the Group Scout President, whose job is to co-ordinate the Group’s activities, to ensure continuity and development and to be the Scout Group representative to the outside world. In other words, a Group Scout resembles a small firm, where the president sets the tone for its image, management and operations but also establishes broad policies and sets out strategic objectives.

The President also leads the Scout Group Board of Directors. The current Board of Director of the Sea Scout Group Ilha de Vitória is committed to provide Good Governance practices, qualitative Youth Programme and well-focused Adults Management System.

Apr 2016 - present

UEB – Região do Espírito Santo


In charge of the União dos Escoteiros do Brasil (UEB) – Região do Espírito Santo site design, policies, maintenance, technical resources, technical documentation and content development as well as mail services management.

The “União dos Escoteiros do Brasil” is one of the 164 national scout organizations of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) and its regional representative in Espírito Santo State, in Brazil, is the “UEB – Região do Espírito Santo”.

Language Test Scores

2006 - 2006


Council Of Europe Score Level A2

Diplóme D´études en langue française DELF A2 issued by CIEP, a French national public operator under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research, founded in 1945.


Please download ALTE Can Do Statement below and check for level C1 (ALTE Level 4)  and Level A2 (ALTE Level 1) to assess my “Can Do” statements describing what I “can do” using English and French languages at a particular level and in a particular context. The four contexts are: general, social & tourist, work, and study.


Adriano Tavares

2015 Dec

It was a pleasure to work with Jodelson in the last two years. He was a tireless manager on the team’s engagement to achieving the best outcomes for VALE. Jodelson is well-respected in his department by extensive experience, distinguished academic background, leadership, crisis management and problem-solving skills. When we work together, Jodelson was the manager responsible for the architecture and infrastructure of the project GPV Railways.

Mauro Rocha

2015 Nov

Jodelson, we know ordinary people every day, but not those who stand out like you. Congratulations for your dedication, commitment, persistence and remarkable organizational skills!

José Fernandes Soares

2015 Nov

Jodelson brings us an example of dedication to knowledge, key factor to man and society transformation. Brazil needs people with this sort of interest and dedication.

Marc Reimann

2014 Aug
Universität Graz, Áustria

Having known Jodelson for 12 years now, I am impressed by his work ethic and his approach to excellence in his endeavors. Besides being a succesful professional, he also contributes to academia and promotes real-life application of optimization algorithms whenever possible.

Rayane Scárdua

2014 Aug

Jodelson is a very committed, enthusiastic, intelligent and supportive person. I had the opportunity to be under his supervision during my one-year internship at Vale and now it is a pleasure to also have him as my graduation project co-supervisor. He has been very important to my development because he has always been willing to share his knowledge and skills with me as well as providing me guidance and constructive feedbacks throughout our professional and academic relationships. His positive approach and attention to detail would be a welcome to any team. Besides, Jodelson is a very pleasant person to work with!

Paulo Lobo

2006 Aug
EY - Ernst Young

A very smart and outstanding professional, both from the technical and management point of view. Highly recommended.

Silvio Cesar Pereira

2008 Jun

Jodelson was a Team Leader in charge for the IT infrastructure when I first met him, I had the privilege of seeing his hard work and his professional progress inside VALE during all that time. He is a very detailed, talented, well informed, respected and trusted person in the organization and in the market. I also had the opportunity to negotiate the first big contract between our organizations where he was decisive to the success of the project. Jodelson is someone who I definitively trust and recommend.

Thomas Stützle

2007 Jan
Fonds Nationale de la Recherche Scientifique at ULB

Jodelson is a very talented and enthusiastic PhD student and he has the strong ability to make use of recent research results in highly relevant real-world applications.

Andre Mayoral

2010 May
ANAC - Brazil's National Civil Aviation Agency

Jodelson is a very proactive and empathic person. Dynamism and tranquility are combined to build a very effective working style.

Alexandre Rangel Dantas

2007 Jan
EY - Ernst Young

Jodelson is a very bright and clever professional, a true IT master and, besides that, an inquisitive mind always searching fo innovation and out-of-box thinking.



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